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FR Solutions is highly qualified professionals focusing on strategy, operations, compliance, assessment, analysis and are assisted by dedicated teams of Business Development...

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FR - Payroll Solution is easy process that can be outsourced to FR Solutions - your trusted partner. We take a proactive and professional approach to deliver solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients...

The ultimate productivity boosters in any company are its employees. Studies have established a clear link between happiness at work and productivity. That’s why for over ten years, FR SOLUTIONS has consciously focused on methodologies, processes and systems that have one main focus – employee happiness. We’ve been focussing on this happy employee quotient single-mindedly even before happiness became a fashionable HR buzzword. The crux of our engagement is that we support employees in having a happy work-life balance which in turn creates a talent pool that generates energy, excellence and enthusiasm. We follow that formula zealously and that’s why all our relationships, whether with the employees or clients have resulted in extra-ordinary futures. So when you partner with FR SOLUTIONS, you know that you’ve sown the seeds for happiness in your workplace – happiness that translates to higher productivity for you.

Partnering with FR SOLUTIONS will increase your Happy Employee Quotient

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